Thursday, February 28, 2013

You say its your birthday! na na na na na it's my birthday too! yeah! na na na na na

Thanks be to The Beatles for the song lyrics in the title of this blog post. Okay, so Eric had a birthday, but it actually wasn't my birthday too. I just love singing that song from the movie 16 Candles, ya know, in that scene where Farmer Ted (Anthony Michael Hall) sings it to Samantha (Molly Ringwald) on her b-day when they're at the dance, sitting in the car in the shop classroom. Classic!

Anyway, Vegas is a great place to be when you have a birthday. Lots to do of course!
This year, we decided that it was high time we rode the zipline on Fremont Street. The Sister Wives on TLC have done it for heaven's sake, it was our turn!!

So we hopped on the Moti, and rode to Chipotle for lunch, (yum-o) and then headed downtown.

It was a really nice day. Vegas is so nice in the winter right before Spring. Then Spring comes, and it brings the wind with it, then it ain't so nice...but we're not there yet so we are enjoying it!

The zipline is so much fun and if you're lucky, the guy that straps you onto the zipline will spin you as he shoves you off the top of the scaffolding!

We're finally at the top! Feeling a bit nervous but ready! 

This is what it looks like just before you take off....
Eric looks all sorts of calm and collected...

My hair was in my face the whole time because I was spinning the whole way time we do it, (this Saturday in fact)  I won't ask to be spun! It was fun but I couldn't see anything due to spinning and the hair-in-my-face.
They take your pic right when you get off the ride with all your gear on still...

 Afterwards, we came home and took the kids to Thrifty's Ice Cream. Anyone who grew up in Vegas should remember Thrifty's Ice Cream. Back in the good ol' days, we used to be able to go there and get .25 cent cones back, and their ice cream scooper scooped the ice cream in a tall cylinder shape! My fav as a kid was bubblegum. The ice cream was blue with pink gum, and they still had it and it still tasted just like when i was a kid. Ahh the sweet memories! And now my kids can have the memories! And they even had a great sugar free flavor, score!

Then we came home and I cooked Eric's requested b-day dinner, which was breakfast for dinner..the great thing about that, is that if you do french toast, then you can stick a candle in it and there's no need for a cake because it's just as sweet!
I wanted to make it extra good since, ya know, it was "b-day french toast" so I went onto trusty Pinterest and found Martha Stewart's recipe. You KNOW that if it was HER'S, it was going to be fantastical. I've actually always kinda thought I made up that word, but spell checker knew how to spell it, so turns out I'm not that original!
Here is the recipe in case you'd like to try it's goodness.  It calls for cognac, but wouldn't ya know it, I was fresh out! Unfortunately, I'm not an old man who loves my liquor so hence, I didn't have any cognac laying around. I have a hunch it was just as good without it too :) Find recipe here.

Happy Birthday to my old man! Who, when I load my purse up with so much "stuff" that I know I'm going to "need" at sometime or another, and then my purse gets too heavy for me to want to carry it, so he carries it for me and even has his pic taken with it, well, that there's a good man!

  A 'murse' suits him well...

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