Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

Wow, we really need to get new family pictures taken, it's been since 2008! But it's so hard with Chase because he really doesn't like to "smile for the camera" so usually he has a look on his face like, "ugh, what are you people doing to me!" And he squirms, and squeals, and drops to the floor, and tries to run away, and, ya know, basically acts like a toddler. My perpetual toddler that boy that I love so!! So, needless to say, we've pretty much avoided fam pics since 2008, but I'm always saying to my hubs"One of these days Eric! One of these days, when it comes to getting fam pics taken, it will happen I tell you, it will!" And Eric then proceeds to say "Okay, dear, whatever you say."
And then it never happens....

But we did get some snapshots of Christmas that I guess will just have to be sufficient for now, until we can get family pictures done once again and hopefully before 'you know what freezes over' :)

Every year at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, they decorate the cactus botanical garden with lights and you can walk around and look at everything. It really is gorgeous at night! And it's freeeeeeeeee. To our pleasant surprise, Chase actually cared about what he was looking at this year. Last year he wasn't interested but this year when we were leaving, he put up a fuss! Love it!

Blurry pic, but you get the idea...

Salli Malli

Christmas Eve PJ's..

Chase checkin out his new Hulk that talks to him and smashes stuff

What I wouldn't give for a fireplace! Chase wanted to warm his hands by the "fire" on Christmas morn.

Have you ever been to the Bellagio Conservatory at Christmas time?? It's the best thing to do in Vegas that's freeeeeeeee.
 Here's some pics of the conservatory from Christmas time

The tallest Christmas tree you ever did see indoors!

Huge hanging snowflakes

This was Allie's favorite part!
Allie loving Christmas morn. With her magicians thumb on!

Allie participated in her 2nd piano recital earlier in the month. She played A Whole New World from Aladdin and did superbly!!! Pictured here with her piano teacher.

At our annual Solomon Christmas party at my house, my parents brought us a box from their store room, and little did they know, the box was filled with "old school" glasses from the 50's 60's and 70's. Eric found the perfect glasses that made him look like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space, I went for the classic Howard Stern look and Allie sported Ozzie Osbourne
Rudolph's nose really does glow
Christmas morn breakfast!

Christmas this year was great because we could see the progression in Chase from last year. It seems each year, he gets a little more interested in Christmas. This year, after opening a present, he'd investigate it to see what it was all about. He enjoyed the places we went, and the people we saw. He doesn't have to say it for us to know it. Autism is such a tricky thing. You could have 2 kids with autism in a room, and they could be polar opposites from each other but still have one thing in common, autism. They have enough of the "symptoms" to be label with autism, but that could be about it. Chase would be none the wiser if we gave him no presents for Christmas. (We would never do that of course, that's just mean!) But those things mean nothing to him. He would never get jealous of Allie and what she was given. Or if she had more presents than him. He doesn't understand what's going on, he's just happy to be there and we're happy and blessed to have him in our family.

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