Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Ok, as I've said many many many times before, I am no professional picture taker. As I see all these cute pictures surfacing of people's kids in their costumes on Halloween, I realized I didn't even get one of just Allie and Chase standing up together in their costumes. I love seeing siblings standing together, costumes donned, holding each other in a loving embrace, and the picture taker capturing the perfect snap with superb lighting and no red eye. Okay, that's bit dramatic, but this is the best I could do....

Allie is Elphaba from Wicked and she's supposed to have green skin but when we put the green face make-up on her face, it started burning so we had to wipe it off. It didn't burn when we had it on her arms but she couldn't just have green arms and not a green face! I mean, really?!?!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween in Las Vegas. The weather is always nice and no one ever has to wear a coat over their costume. Once again, perfect trick or treating weather.
Chase lasted longer this year trick or treating than in years past.  He does well, but has to be reminded at every single door to say "trick or treat" and then say "thank you". He even tried to walk into a few people's houses, which is kind of cute when a toddler does it, but I'm thinking not so cute when a 7 and a half year old attempts it.
We only had one issue of teenagers getting out of control and cussing, so Eric and I got after them and they denied the dropping of a few f-bombs and then crossed the street to get away from us old people that scolded them. Why teenagers are out trick or treating is a question I'd like to ask their parents!
Eric promised me that next year will be the year that we will finally all dress up as a family with a theme. This year we were all supposed to be "Robin Hood" themed but it turned out to just be me and the Chase man that did it.
The kiddos with my mami!
Allie suggested that next year, we all be donuts. Eric loved the idea, me, well, not so much....we'll see.
Oh and BTW, today marks 11 years for me and the Mister. Happy Anniversary to my hubbs who is right now with Allie pulling weeds out of side walks and painting over graffiti as part of the "Clean up North Las Vegas Service Day Project" our Stake is doing today. My hubs is always willing to help and serve and I love him for that!

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